DMBLGIT: Meet the Judges - Présentation des Juges

A week ago, I officially announced the beginning of the DMBLGIT November 2009 edition which I am truly honored to host for the very first time.
Before I introduce you with the dream team of judges, I wanted to let you know that with the agreement of Andrew, I decided to give you a few days more to participate to this food photography contest.
From now, the new official deadline to submit your entry is November 25, 2009 (yeah!!).

Il y a une semaine, j'annonçais officiellement le début de l'Edition de Novembre 2009 du jeu-concours DMBLGIT dont j'ai l'honneur d'être l'hôtesse pour la première fois.
Avant de vous présenter à l'équipe de choc des juges, je voulais vous informer qu'avec l'accord d'Andrew, j'ai décidé de vous donner quelques jours de plus pour participer à l'évènement.
A partir de maintenant, la nouvelle date limite officielle pour envoyer votre participation est le 25 Novembre 2009.

Picking 5 judges to help me out was probably the hardest part of my job as a host: there are so many talented food bloggers and photographers that I keep admiring and I'm sure you're already familiar with the ones I chose.
Once again in DMBLGIT, we have an international panel of judges coming from 5 different countries: New Zealand, United States, Australia, Britain and Switzerland!! Many thanks to each one of them for their high-quality work, for their professionalism and talent that they share with us and a warm thank you for willing to give their precious time for judging.

Choisir 5 juges pour m'aider a probablement été la tâche la plus difficile de mon travail d'hôtesse: il y a tellement de blogueurs et photographes culinaires talentueux que je ne cesse d'admirer et je suis sûre que vous connaissez déjà ceux que j'ai choisis.
Une fois encore dans DMBLGIT, nous avons un échantillon international de juges qui viennent de 5 pays différents: Nouvelle Zélande, Etats-Unis, Australie, Angleterre et Suisse!! Un grand merci à chacun d'entre eux pour le travail de grande qualité, pour leur professionalisme et le talent qu'ils partagent avec nous et un merci chaleureux pour avoir accepté de donner de leur temps précieux pour juger vos photos.

Nature, poetry

Bron, author of the food blog Bronmarshall is from New Zealand. I've been an admirer of her work since the day I "accidently" met her blackcurrant pie. I love her bright blog, her stunning photos and I love to learn more about traditions and life in a country I wish I could visit some day. Bron has already won some DMBLGIT awards whose one was for Best Light. Take a look at her newly launched portfolio and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Light, Professionalism

Sabra, author of the food blog Cookbookcatchall is from New York, United States. She has won lots of photography awards and no words would express how much I admire her work especially her great talent to capture the light. She is truly an inspiration!! Just have a look at her gorgeous portfolio. Recently, with the birth of her son, she has started a beautiful child photography work. That woman have all the talents!

Baking, Traveling

Julia, author of the food blog Mélanger is from Brisbane, Australia although she lived and traveled in many various countries. I have to confess I had a little crush on her blog since I knew it! Julia has a passion for baking and shares with us her discoveries of baked goods that travels inspired her. Every month, she explores a new theme for baking displaying in each post a wonderful recipe. She begun with a pastry month followed by a Caramel month that totally blew my mind and this month is dedicated to regional french desserts! What's not to like..?!

Sensitivity, Beauty

Mowie, author of the food blog Mowielicious is from London, UK. I fell in love with his blog and personality from the very first time I virtually met him. Could you resist a guy who declares to love "baking, white flowers, organic food, sunshine and everything pink"?? Read his beautiful and touching tribute to his mother and you'll understand why the first word that came to my mind to define his work was Sensitivity.
Mowie was recently featured in BBC's Olive Magazine as blog of the month, did a gorgeous photoshoot for a wedding and shot some serious mouthwatering pictures for Mooli's, an Indian fast restaurant in Soho. Do you say talented?

Epicurean, Style

Claude-Olivier, author of the food blog 1001 recettes is from Fribourg, Switzerland. Claude is a passionate biologist who also love to experiment in the kitchen. I love his cooking skills, the way his plates are always clean and well plated and I love how each one is paired with wine. Claude-Olivier is also a passionate photographer who likes to share with his readers some very useful information. He has won 5 DMBLGIT awards 3 of them as the Overall winner.

Keep your submissions coming :))


  1. C'est vrai que ça frappe on devient encore plus timides.
    En tous cas merci, tu m'as fait découvrir des talents

  2. Oh waow, on se sent très petit...


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